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Have you ever been out camping somewhere, maybe the desert or the beach, and wanted to hang your hammock up but had no trees around? So have we. The Tammock is ideal for those looking to take their hammock anywhere and not have to worry about finding two perfectly-spaced trees to set up their hammock.

The LIT Outdoors Tammock is a freestanding, all-in-one hammock tent. LIT Outdoors took the best aspects of hammocks and tents then combined them to create an easy-to-setup shelter system that keeps outdoor enthusiasts hanging wherever they go while providing a place to store gear and protection from weather and mosquitoes.

It’s perfect for camping in the desert, on the beach, by the lake, or in the woods. In between camping trips, set up the Tammock stand by itself in the backyard, in the park, or even the living room.

The portability and compact design make the Tamoock easy to throw in the trunk of the car before a road trip without a hassle. It’s also a great addition to any RV or camper van.

Because the Tammock is freestanding, relying on trees to hang a hammock is no longer a problem. Its durable frame can support up to 400lbs. The tent and rainfly are made from durable ripstop nylon to keep campers safe from natural elements while keeping gear dry. The Tammock has places to store gear below, on the sides, and above the hammock inside the tent. Another great feature of the Tammock is its versatility. If it’s a beautiful sunny day or a starry night, it can be set-up with just the stand and hammock. The carrying bag is designed with backpack straps to allow for hands-free carrying, and everything packs into the bag so nothing is ever lost.