A New Outdoors Experience Begins

A New Outdoors Experience Begins

Going Wherever You Go

Discovering that personal backyard feeling in the outdoors, wherever we go, is our adventure. We design innovative gear to transform comfort, lifestyle, and outdoors connection into a new experience worth sharing.

It’s an exciting time to be leading innovation in the outdoors space, but the biggest part about our endeavor is the shared outdoors part, so chime in when, and however, and from wherever you’d like. Ideas hate vacuums, maybe especially outdoors.

Welcome to #FindYourBackyard, our blog, live on the brand new LIT Outdoors website.

All of our innovations are based on love for being in the outdoors with friends, and this is where our ideas will sometimes unexpectedly pop. It’s also where you’ll find peaking news, tips, and relevant perspectives on the ever-changing outdoors experience.

Our Mission is to create a community that supports love for the environment, and strengthens human connection to nature, so everyone is invited.

As we continue to build the highest quality, freestanding hammock-tent, expect updates about music festivals,  travel destinations, and much more interesting, useful, and maybe even whimsical stuff along the way.

We’ll also feature stories about sustainable community, culture, and healthy lifestyles because they complement each other beautifully. This discussion will continue.

Also, we promise, not to make you laugh, too hard.

At present, Daniel, our Founder & CEO, and Riley (Design & Development) are in Shenzhen, China, working alongside our trusted manufacturers to polish and QC the hammock-tent design, so we can help you enjoy the best possible outdoor experience.

Meanwhile, Nick, LIT Outdoors CoFounder & CTO, and Abraham, our Creative Director, will be remaining stateside manning the fort. We’re here for you, so shout if you need something.

Keep in mind as we go, LIT Outdoors is committed to bringing our community premium gear, and informative content about the outdoors as a way of giving back to the causes we care about.

One of those causes is finding a way to relieve conditions that contribute to Malaria, which in 2016, affected roughly 216 million people in the world. This is ever top-of-mind for us, which is why we continue to make connections with those working directly in malaria prevention, to explore how the Tammock might be used as part of a sleepspace solution.

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