About Us

How it all started?

LIT Outdoors was founded on the principle that the outdoors is one of the most important places for us to create experiences. Whether it is on the beach, in the mountains, in the desert, in the backyard, or in our local communities, our experiences are shaped by the world around us.

We believe people have yet to unlock the full potential of the outdoor experience, which is why we invented an entirely new way of hammocking outdoors to share with others.

After many treeless camping trips to the amazing deserts of southern Utah, the Tammock now offers a portable, freestanding solution that works without trees.

Our goal is to create innovative gear around a strong community of people who love the outdoors.

Our Purpose

To create a community around love for the environment that strengthens human connection to nature and brings people closer to the world that is so gracious to us; a world that provides an abundance of resources.

Why do we do this?

Try the Tammock. You’ll understand.

Get Your Tammock


We know you're going to love your Tammock as much as the adventures you take it on. To see how others are using their Tammocks, and to share your unique Tammock styles with the rest of the world, connect with us on Instagram @litoutdoors .